From the 23rd to the 26th of July the big children and youth festival Bambiriáda was taking place for the 15th time in the whole Czech Republic which means in 17 different cities. At Bambiriáda many children and youth organizations from the whole country present themselves and offer many activities for children’s leisure time.

    For many years the significant colour of the event has been yellow, yellow shirts, yellow flyers and so on. But for the 15th anniversary the event was given a new touch in blue which made it also into something special for me. One important partner for the festival is the Military of the Czech Republic. During Bambiriáda they help with the organization and offer the food. Therefore the cooperation of 15 years was celebrated on the square in front of the headquarters of the Army with army band and an exhibition.

    Bambiriáda v Ostravě (foto Malte Range) But I want to reflect more on what I have experienced at Bambiriáda.
    Unfortunately, we had very bad luck with the weather. It was raining almost every day, it was cold and the sun hardly shone through. Nevertheless, it should become a very nice event.
    Most of the time I helped with our own stand of ČRDM which included information and contribution of the EYCA-card and the “72 hodin” project.

    Bambiriáda v Třinci - stanoviště lukostřelby (foto Malte Range) As I have already said the weather was not the best but still many children were playing and attending the activities offered by many organizations. For example, referring to 72 hodin youth but also older people could try to build the highest tower with wooden blocks in 72 seconds. This was a lot of fun and in the end we were all trying to get higher and higher.
    Of course, there has also been more serious work such as the EYCA-card. Although, there had not been a rush on it still the result was quite good in the end and it was very pleasant to have a conversation with different people, above all Czech but even German students.

    Bambiriáda v Třinci (foto Malte Range) And last but not least there was my trip to Ostrava, Český Těšín and Třinec for one day with Mirek. It was very interesting to see the different structures of Bambiriáda. In Prague and Těšín it was on a big square whilst it took place in a natural environment or next to a small cinema in Těšín and Ostrava. After seeing and trying a lot of things, nice chats with the people and my first Kofola ever a great day ended.

    And finally Bambiriáda as well. I will remember it with all the cold but nice moments but above all as an unique festival and I am glad I could be a part of it.